how to find that home?

Somewhere in the list of lists—between craigslist and the most-wanted list—lies our list, the Hip List better known as the multiple list. Here in the Montclair area, sellers have determined that when many buyers have an opportunity to see their homes, a seller nets more money. Who can argue with that? Thus was born the multiple listing service and we are your link to that list.

Almost every home that comes on the market in this area is offered through the Garden State Multiple Listing Service. Just click on the star to get you there. Here’s all the information about homes, but how do you interpret the data? It’s like picking up a Dow Jones Report or Bloomberg News; one day’s news and information is just a piece of the entire story. That’s where the Hip Hunters come in.

Browse the list—read the data—then call us. Not only do we examine the list every day but as houses come on the market we get out there and take a look. That’s our job. Whether it’s our own listing, or our office listing or a property listed by another company, we’ll know all you need to know about the home and how it compares to others. As your Hip Hunters, we’ll find a way to help you catch your quarry.

Take a look, then call the experts — your Hip Hunters.




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