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Have real estate ads become your primary reading material now that you’re thinking of moving? Beguiled by a charming colonial, wooed by a graceful Victorian or seduced by the majestic Tudor? Hire a savvy agent to make your dream come true. We’ll give you the insider’s tour of Montclair and our real estate market, then, we’ll strategize to succeed in your quest to buy a home.
First, come out and visit Montclair. Take the train or the bus and try the commute. New Jersey Transit Midtown Direct service gets you here in 40 minutes. The Decamp bus line (#33 or #66) will whisk you from Port Authority to our beautiful tree-lined streets. Either way, you’ll land in one of our downtown locations. Shop the shops. Sample the restaurants. (See our Haunts page for some suggestions.) Visit the schools; get pulled in by our magnets. Feel the vibe of our vibrant, eclectic community.
Next, talk to a lender. Get your pre-approval in the works so that when you come to shop, you’ll know what’s in your budget and how your financing works. There are lots of choices out there, so talk to someone who will give you the rundown. The Hip Hunters can put you in touch with reputable mortgage brokers. This process takes minutes on the phone, so make some calls.
Hire us. It takes a strong negotiator to get you into the house of your dreams. With our years of experience, we know just what it will take to get any seller to consider you the best possible buyer for his or home. We’ll help you get the money just right and the terms tweaked just so.

Forget the labels—“listing agent,” “buyer’s agent,” “seller’s agent,” “transaction agent—just remember, the Hip Hunters know how to get you moving.



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